MomTini admission – I haven’t bought candy yet! But puppy has a denim dress; kids are leaning toward homemade costumes this year (thankfully!); and I’m looking forward to sugar overload. I’m doing a Halloween “roundup” this year, because I’ve received tons of great resources for parents including a tip on where to get free pancakes (read on!). First, some quick MomTini tips:

– Find flashlights; refresh batteries.

– Consider reflective tape or my favorite…glow necklaces or bracelets to find your trick or treater quickly in the dark.

Carb up as a family before running off for candy. A healthy but hearty meal may reduce the chances of chocolate becoming all 5 food groups for your kids; plus, it gives everyone energy to run around.

Safety first. For older kids, have a “check in” text/call time to keep tabs.

– Light up the…driveway! Make sure house lights/lamps are ready to shine.

Here are some additional resources to make this a fun & safe Halloween:

– Washington Family has a great “repurposing” article: Ten Ways to Use Leftover Candy. Love it! Includes freezing, melting, bribing – check it out!

Safety tips from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons were pumpkin eye opening to me. Apparently, Halloween is among the top 3 holidays producing the most ER visits (mostly finger/hand injuries and most injuries in the 10-14 year old range). They recommend supervising pumpkin carving; trimming costumes and bags with glow-in-the-dark materials; wearing sturdy, comfortable, slip-resistant shoes; and more.

– IHOP will be giving away free Scary Face Pancakes to kids under 12 this Friday, October 29. I talked to their PR rep – as always, this is at participating locations, but she said most are serving the free “design your own” treats. No purchase necessary. (Photo at top of post)

– There are still last minute deals on Halloween Costumes. Thanks to CurrentCodes for sending me a short list – here’s a link for Halloween discounts.

– sent me top picks for do-it-yourself costumes with common household products. My favorites: aluminum foil (tin man, space cadet); markers (facial hair); cotton balls (bunny tails); bandages (mummy). did a survey…11% of renters believed they live in a home inhabited by ghosts!

How’s that for a pumpkin full of tips and treats?

Have a great holiday! Add comments to this post with additional fun & safety tips for families.