Last post of 2012, I wanted to wish everyone a holiday season and New Year full of peace.

Peace in your families, peace in your friendships, peace in your neighborhood and school, peace in our world.

I had written holiday posts in advance and scheduled them to post this week thankfully, because writing this week would have been tough, but I didn’t want to cancel stories that had been sent my way weeks ago to share with you.

This week has been anything BUT peaceful in our world.  As I talked to fellow Mom Blogger friends online and through the networks we share, there was a dull haze hanging over our conversations and a new perspective we never could have anticipated.  Many of us moms, we tried to make sense of how the events in Newtown could have happened.  I’ve had countless conversations with friends and parents about gun control, violent games and toys, the fear of unstable people who threaten our security.  Without warning, we now have permanently inked these images in our minds of beautiful kids silenced way before their time; of heroic teachers who put themselves in harm’s way to save their students; and of our brave first responders who are on the front lines every day, but took on an inconceivable role this tragedy, many saying it was the worst day of their career, their lives.

So, this is a time for all of us – me included – to count our blessings.  Health, happiness, family, friends, faith – we have much to be thankful for.

I wish you and your families a season of peace, and look forward to jumping back into posts in the New Year.

Thank you for joining me this year in my journey to bring resources, tips & comfort to fellow parents.

With gratitude,

Amy 🙂