On the heels of Mother’s Day, this new book, 150 Secrets to a Happy Wife, caught my eye as a cute way for husbands/partners/boyfriends to get the “key” to happy…I asked the author, Joe Gumm, to share his favorite 5 secrets “to keeping husbands out of the doghouse” as he says…

Learning through trial and error, Gumm conquers the secrets to a happy wife and thus, a happy marriage through humorous yet poignant “it’s-all-about-her ideas.”  Here are his top 5 secrets to keep husbands out of the doghouse for good:

1. Quit messing around on the computer

What is so important on the World Wide Web that you can’t spend time at work figuring it out? It’s just another object that takes time away from your children or your wife. Now, obviously, if you’re using it for educational purposes or doing stuff like planning a vacation, paying bills, or looking up times for movies, it’s definitely a necessity. If you’re busy reading the Facebook statuses of your 2,854 friends (2,534 of whom you really don’t know), playing Doom or Solitaire, or checking your fantasy football team, you need to have your fingers cut off. No wonder your wife’s mad at you before you go to bed.

2. Don’t ever use the “D” word

No, it’s not death or your ex-girlfriend Donna, but, if you mention one of those words or the real “D” word, divorce, you may experience death. In America alone, the divorce rate is more than 50 perfect.  Mentioning divorce is a relationship killer, and if you ever bring it up, she may actually take you up on it. Just because you’re having an argument doesn’t mean things have to turn ugly with this word.

3. Fix the thing

No, not your brain – we’re not sure that can be fixed. I’m talking about the leaking faucet, the loose door handle, the stopped-up drain; whatever it is, just go ahead and fix the darn thing already. Your wife may oversee all operations of the house, but you’re the super. Get your tools out and figure out how to repair it. Even if you are exhausted from work, and it’s something she wants you to do when you get home, at least give it a try. I’m sure she’ll give you an “A” for trying before calling in the professionals.

4. Buy her that one thing she’s always wanted

It could be an antique clock, tickets to the zoo, a trip to China, a cell phone, a plasma TV, or a minivan. You’ve put it off forever, and now you’re looking to give it to her for a birthday gift, a Christmas gift, or Valentine’s Day. Figure out a good time to give it to her (at the office in front of her coworkers), maybe even involve the children. No doubt, your wife’s heart will be full of glee.

5. Set goals with your wife

This could mean planning your financial future, retirement, college funds, a second honeymoon, a new career, a new car, a new house, or paying off a huge bill. Write your goals down together and stick with them. Most couples are too busy talking about what they want to do instead of taking steps toward completion. Go the distance, follow through, and be proud when you do.

Editor’s Note: Adorable…can’t wait to read the other 100 secrets…and subtly put this on my husband’s nightstand (look what I found here!).

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Author Info:

Joe Gumm is an award-winning author and has been featured in the Chicago Sun-Times, and Fort Worth Star-Telegram, MSN.com, and Parents magazine and has been seen regionally on NBC, FOX, and ABC. He lives in Texas with his wife and four daughters.