Hats off to local Mompreneurs who recently launched a fabulous site – Activity Rocket – that manages the activity planning process online…free!  Co-founders Lisa Friedlander and Ilene Miller shared this article explaining their venture along with some Mom-tastic planning tips for our readers.  They’ve mastered the art of pooling resources, information, and mom-networking for activities all in one place.  Planning is definitely my favorite parenting topic!  Thanks Ilene & Lisa, and I hope your site really blasts off with success!  Note:  The site is local to the Maryland and surrounding areas but is expanding…

A Busy Mother’s Best Friend For Finding Kids’ Activities

Like other parents, we were pulling our hair out trying to find the best enrichment activities for our children. We valued the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth our kids experienced exploring new interests, but we were spending too much time searching the web to find the best soccer, drama, piano, and computer classes at the right price, time and location. Hours were wasted combing through each activity providers’ website to compare class schedules, location, and price. And all too often we would find the perfect activity only to find out our son or daughter’s best friend was signed up for a different class – if only we had known! And we were not alone! Our friends constantly shared frustration with the inefficiencies of the activity planning process every time the cycle renewed –  4-5 times a year!

We were two moms on a mission to solve this problem and founded Activity Rocket, a website where busy moms can search and compare children activity providers by activity type, class schedule, tuition, location, age of children served, and ratings from parents.

With so many time saving tools on the site – we wanted to highlight our top three FAVS:

  1. Sharing with Friends – After you find the perfect class or classes on activityrocket’s Expedia-like search, you can zip them off to your kid’s friends, classmates or activity pals with the push of a button. Happy kid and carpool options for mom!
  2. Calendaring/Planning – How many times have you sat on the computer and typed in your kid’s 4 pm Tuesday gymnastic’s class over and over again into your calendar? With activityrocket.com’s calendar, you can plan your kid’s classes on our calendar – making sure their classes are not at opposite ends of the city at the same time – and then upload the classes to your personal calendar with the push of a button.
  3. Reminders, Deals & Advice – Tired of missing registration again!  Activity Rocket’s weekly enewsletter will let you know when it’s time to register for those fast filling classes. Each week you will also find deals and discounts from activity businesses in your back yard. And plenty of advice – from why activities matter to your children’s self esteem to the best activities for teens and kids with learning disabilities.

Did we mention the site and all of these great time saving tools are FREE? What are you waiting for – sign up on activityrocket.com today. Spend less time looking for activities and we will see you in The MomTini Lounge!

Editor’s Note:  Thanks, ladies, and best of luck!