How to Organize Kids’ Toys

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If your kids’ play area is perfectly organized, this guest post is probably not for you.  But…if you’re like many parents who find themselves tripping over toys, socks, and dog toys like me, then this article may offer a road map out of the mess.  Thanks to Cindy Davis, a writer based in the UK, and Removal Boxes, for these creative ideas on how to organize your kids’ toys. — Amy

How to Organize Kids’ Toys

How often have you wondered if your room was complete chaos like it usually is in your kid’s room? We put a lot of effort in keeping our home clean and clutter-free, so it would be natural for us to want to extend the same desire to our kids as well. There are ways we can organize their toys and play environment so they can have an easier time getting used to doing this on their own. This will help teach them discipline and order without imposing too much on them in the long run. Here are some tips on how to do it all with ease:

1.     Downsize the toy pile

Most kids have favorite toys and a whole pile of toys they either rarely use or they never touch. Most of us have been there when we were kids and even today a lot of the toys we never played with may sit around our parents’ house as testament. Well you can change that by letting your child share their toys with less fortunate children by donating them to the Salvation army or any other charity or organizing a yard sale. Doing this will let your child make the choice and if that doesn’t work then don’t worry about it. They may surprise you pleasantly by being more than willing to do it.

Editor’s NoteThis is my favorite tip in the article.  We’ve done this, and I love to put an open box out a few weeks before the holidays, and encourage the kids to “add to the box,” so they’re part of the giving, and also so they’re thinking, “Do I really need that?”

Get the mess sorted out

Having separate boxes or bins for different types of toys is a good way to let your child develop a sense of order on their own. Making sure the containers are comfortable is very important since kids don’t have our reach and height. You can setup thematic areas in their room where they keep certain toys and supplies, for example art supplies near their desk. Their favorite toys should go somewhere central where they can easily find them. You can separate some of the toys you have for future use in case a new youngling arrives and you need their very own set of toys. Kids can get pretty territorial when it comes down to it so having some sturdy classic toys for a new baby is a good way to keep the situation calm and happy.

3.     Setup a clever system

Storage opportunities are important when you want to keep the room organized so make sure you have a nice set of shelves. You can store toys you don’t use as often on the top shelves and the ones your child uses all the time within easy reach for them. As your child grows this collection will change, but overall its a good way to keep things organized and orderly by opening up more play room for games and fun.

4.     Make some clever rules

There are several ways you can keep the influx of new toys in your home to a manageable level. One way is to implement a rule where for every new toy gained your child has to give away or donate an old toy to free up some space. You can also use small boxes to organize the tiny toys or the ones which have lots of small parts like Lego. Its a good thing to also keep the clutter of plush toys away from their bed since they can be easily crowded by too many of them and making their bed would be problematic.

Author Bio: Cindy Davis is blogger and Mom Since 2005 (MS’05) who has great flair for home decoration and home remodeling projects. She is continuously searching for sources of inspiration and motivation. She writes mainly on storage and organizing related thematic, as this is what excites her most.

Editor’s NoteMany thanks to Cindy – I love these tips, and especially her ideas for engaging the kids in the system, which always increases compliance.  I’ve also tried clear bins so you can see what’s inside, but those do tend to crack, be more expensive, and don’t always fit on shelves as easily. What ideas do YOU have to keep the kids’ toys and play area more organized?  Any magic you’ve tried at home that works?

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