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MomTastic Find: Marimba Chat

        Sponsored Post There’s nothing more fun than working on a PR project for a family-friendly product that I view as “MomTastic,” and Marimba Chat is a perfect example!  I wanted to share this exciting news at The Lounge… Young kids want to text.  Parents want to keep them safe.  Until recently, think of the young kids’ “digital playground” as mobile messaging without a hall monitor. Mainstream apps want you to be 13+, so kids either lie about their age and participate in platforms that are built for and marketed to adults, or wait.  However… Young kids are more digitally savvy than ever. In fact, one survey reported that 52% of kids spend SIX hours a day online.* Parents struggle to keep up with the rapid fire technology…This same survey said 80% of parents don’t have the time or energy to keep up with their children online.
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Sponsored Post: Busch Gardens Holiday Celebration Continues

When you think of Colonial Williamsburg and the area around it, you may be thinking historic battlefields and war re-enactments.  But there’s something much “lighter” going on this holiday season, and we wanted to share some of the information around their Christmas Town programs.  Here’s their “411” on the celebration now through December 31 where you can have a fun winter adventure: Guests can feel the warmth of the holidays while strolling along paths lit by more than eight million twinkling lights. True to its European heritage, Busch Gardens pulls out the stops for its annual Christmas event with idealized representations of the world’s best Christmas traditions. Scrooge No More! ™, is coming to Busch Gardens’ Globe Theatre for Christmas Town. Join Scrooge live on stage in an all-new musical at the Globe Theatre as he is swept away by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, who teach
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Sponsored Post: Food Lion

        Comment on this post with anything useful for families for Thanksgiving (a tip, a recipe secret, anything to make the holiday special), and you will be entered to win a $25 Food Lion Gift Card (winners to be randomly chosen on December 15, 2014). We recently shopped Food Lion as a Mom Blog assignment, and wanted to share some of our findings here at The Lounge.  Our local store was definitely well-stocked, easy to shop, and reasonably priced throughout the store.   In particular, we found the frozen section to have TONS of kid-friendly foods.  Our boys are in a constant state of motion or refueling, so we like to keep lots of after school snacks “at the ready.”  And snacks aren’t just pretzels, it’s really more like a 4th meal.  Plus, with kids, you never know when you’ll have 1 or 10 showing up, ready to
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Win Free Tickets to PEP’s Annual Author Talk

For my DC/MD/VA friends looking for some parenting inspiration, here’s a chance to earn a pair of FREE tickets ($56 value) to Thursday November 13th’s PEP’s Annual Noted Author Talk.  Simply comment to this post or to our Facebook post or to my expanded article on Dr. Bryson, and a winner will be selected at random and announced on October 30.  Each year, PEP brings in a headline act, a parenting author who has the same encouraging and positive approach to everyday challenges as PEP, and hundreds of parents leave with new ideas and a fresh perspective to bring home.  I had the unique opportunity to meet Dr. Bryson at a recent teleconference (see related post), and I can’t wait to hear more on November 13 and 14.  Here’s the “411” on the talk – comment now for your chance to win! Tina Payne Bryson, PhD, will give a talk
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Because I Said So: Life in the Mom Zone

This week’s #MomTatic find is a new book on the comedy and drama of motherhood.  Can you imagine if motherhood was this easy…kids complying “because we said so” ….  Thought provoking for sure! Here’s a quick note on a new book that may add some humor to your day, with some thoughtful stories along the way… “But whyyyy?” “Because I said so.” It’s the answer that rolls off the tongues of mamas from all over. In Because I Said So: Life In The Mom Zone, veteran mom Annie Oeth tells of the worries, laughter and sheer terror of being a mother. Trips to the emergency room, college graduations and the dangerous combination of teenagers and fireworks are all fair game in this romp through southern motherhood. Spilling the (jelly)beans on Easter egg hunts, Santa Claus and frogs in mailboxes, Annie Oeth writes of life, love and raising children while hanging
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Product Review: Label Daddy and 20% Discount

    Despite the fact that I’m in the “camp labeling belongings zone,” with 3 boys, I am constantly finding friends’ clothes here and watching my kids rummage through everyone’s drawers for “that t-shirt” that seems to have vanished.  Keeping track of belongings is hardly a summer-only challenge; it’s definitely year-round.  I remember growing up and watching my mom iron on labels, and as great as that was, I got a C- in ironing (joke, but probably one of my least favorite things to do). I found these stick-on labels through Label Daddy, and they are a great invention!  You stick them on the clothing label, and they’re easy to apply; easy to read; easily customizable.  Label Daddy just made things really EASY!  I also reviewed some specialty labels for shoes; trash cans (ours constantly blow down the street!); sports equipment; and more.  They’re really great, and pay for themselves
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MomTastic Finds: Edible Arrangements for Mother’s Day

          This is such a great, colorful & yummy Mother’s Day Gift Idea, and came with some fun survey data I wanted to share.  Edible Arrangments surveyed moms to help decode their “secret language” about what they really want for Mother’s Day.  Here are some highlights:  50% of moms tell their kids “don’t get me anything” or “you shouldn’t have” but what do they really mean? 80% of moms hint at what they want every year, but have a list of “do not buys” 30% have been forgotten at least once! So, for what “not to buy,” according to the survey: The top three gifts NOT to get mom, in order, are: drugstore candy, generic bath products or the “same old flower arrangement.”  Fifty percent of moms said the number one way to improve Mother’s Day this year is to “surprise me with an unexpected gift.”
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Fuel Your Dreams Teaches Kids About the Power of Food

          This “MomTastic Find” is a recent client’s public service campaign to educate kids about how to “Fuel Their Dreams” by fueling their bodies with powerful, healthy food choices. Thanks to Kid Kritics Founder Ellen Briggs for sharing these nutrition tips for families.  Through extensive research, the company’s ingredients standard board of 12 health professionals has managed more than 25,000 “Kid Kritics” in blind taste tests. Research shows that having a healthy, balanced diet improves brain capacity, maximizes cognitive capabilities, and improves academic performance in school-age children. Alternatively, the research also shows that having too much junk food and an unhealthy diet decreases academic performance by limiting the amount of information to the brain.  Source here. Here are 5 tips inspired by the Fuel Your DreamsTM program… Teach your kids about the connection between what they eat and drink and what happens inside their bodies. Once
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Review: Food Lion MVP Coupon Hub

      Review/Sponsored Post — Comment on this Post for a Chance to Win $25 GiftCards I was recently asked to take Food Lion‘s “MVP Coupon Hub” for a test drive.  It’s a great integration of coupons, savings, and a loyalty card, that takes the paper out of the process if you want to trash the coupon caddy.  (You can, of course, go online and select/print coupons as well).  It’s super easy, and takes minutes to set up, even if you don’t currently have a Food Lion MVP card. Here’s how it works…They’re featuring it on their home page, or you can go directly to the MVP coupon hub here.  Then, you can either “load to card” so the coupons you select are loaded directly onto your loyalty card, and you simply swipe and save at checkout.  Or, you can “print at home” if you’re a traditionalist and like
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MomTastic Find – Reusable Lunch Bags

              Very cool invention by a local Mompreneur and friend – LunchSkins are reusable bags and are taking the lunchbox by storm!  This is a scary statistic…According to 3GreenMoms, “U.S. citizens use 100 billion plastic bags every year.”  BILLION…. I love the line on their site, “reduce your daily lunchprint.”  The bpa & lead-free bags are adorable, in all kinds of designs (I’m showing a handful on this post, but they have everything from sports to crabs and everything in between…full line on their website), and you can pop them in the dishwasher, so it’s a great, no hassle way to take a step toward saving our planet.  Lunchskins, recently featured on ABC’s Katie show, has saved more than 120 million plastic bags from reaching landfills. 3Green Moms is collecting some quick research from moms like you…If you have a minute by the end
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