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MomTastic Find: Label Daddy

Label Daddy-rgb

        This month’s MomTastic find is a school supply you might not have thought of.  I’ve been a huge fan of Label Daddy‘s stick-on labels for a while now.  With 3 boys, sorting laundry when everyone is home is challenging (and generous!).  I’m not a huge shopper, but when I do, the Smith boys know they have to label everything before it leaves the kitchen table. I think of labeling as an insurance policy.  It gets everyone’s “stuff” to their room at some point.  At college, I’d like to hope some of the clothes make it back to their dorm rooms if they get lost or left behind somewhere.  And it saves me from using a Sharpie that doesn’t always stay where it should when I’m multi-tasking.  They have a bunch of products, but my favorite is the extra small mini-label. They’re described as waterproof, and do
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MomTastic Baseball Discount – Washington Nationals


              Thanks to our friends at the Washington Nationals for sharing this discount code (10-20% based on game).  Friends know I’m a huge baseball fan, and have loved watching my own boys play, along with some friends we made at the Bethesda Big Train.  Washington Nats games in the summer are such a fun family outing.  Hope you enjoy some MomTastic games with your own families this spring/summer!  Here’s how you take advantage of the offer: 1)      Go to: 2)      Select Game 3)      Enter MOMTINI in the coupon code box 4)      Click Apply 5)      Select Seats  Disclosure:  No monetary compensation was made in exchange for this post, although a pair of tickets was extended as a thank you.  Go Nats!  #Natitude  

PEP’s Annual Noted Author Event – Joys and Fears of Teen Years and More…


    This month’s MomTastic Find is…PEP’s Annual Noted Author Events.  DC/MD/VA friends – if you have tweens or teens, these are not to be missed.  I’ve seen Schafer talk at PEP before, and she is hilarious, insightful, and will leave you with ideas to take home from the minute she hits the stage.  Check out the “411” on her events, and please share with friends: Alyson Schafer is a therapist, author (Honey, I Wrecked the Kids and Ain’t Misbehavin’) and internationally acclaimed parenting expert who empowers families by providing tools to parents for raising happy and healthy kids. The Joys and Fears of the Teen Years – Thursday November 17 from 7:30pm-9pm Parenting teens today requires a unique and empathetic parenting approach. Alyson speaks candidly about the joys and challenges that face teens, pre-teens and their parents during the transition to adulthood. Parents will learn brain-based research on teen behavior, interpersonal solutions
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MomTastic Find: Because They CAN, Closing the Belief Gap

because they can

  This month’s MomTastic find is a heartwarming back to school story, and what better time to think about realizing potential in each and every kid.  Because They Can is an organization looking to close the gap between what students can achieve and what other people believe they can achieve by empowering educators to empower all students to achieve their fullest potential.  Education Post had a great article detailing the effects of ignoring kids on performance, self-esteem, and ultimately, being the best they can be. Unfortunately, not all kids have engaged parents in the home. Research shows that many adults in society have much lower expectations for these kids, and when they underestimate what they’re capable of, it’s called the Belief Gap. Here’s an example, the story of 8th grader Kim Wilborn, a young girl who, with the help of committed educators, was able to be pushed farther than she
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MomTastic Find: The Story House Bookstore on Wheels

StoryHouseLogo resized

        This is SUCH a great idea, and I happen to adore the founder, Debbie Cohen, behind it…Sure, we all “Amazon” and love one-click shopping, but how great would it be if a specially curated bookstore came directly TO YOU!  The Story House is a new concept, a bookstore on wheels, much like a food truck with a different kind of nourishment, that will be visiting book fairs, schools, etc., in the coming year.  Their online store has lots of great resources, too, along with book ideas for kids to grads, local summer reading lists, ways to bring The Story House to your school or event, and more. Cohen is an author, educator, mom, and now innovator.  You can be part of putting this store on the road.  Check out their Kickstarter Campaign to get involved.  And happy reading! Disclosure:  No compensation was made for this post,
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Join the Feed My Starving Children MobilePack Assembly Event May 13-15

Join the Feed My Starving Children in DC

              DC/MD/VA friends – wanted to share a client project with a #MomTastic twist.  A Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) Event Food Fight MobilePack Assembly Event is happening this weekend May 13-15 at the Dulles Expo Center (Virginia).  Some 30,000 volunteers will pack 5 million meals to feed kids around the world.  Plus, volunteers are asked to bring a can of food for the Capital Area Food Bank for local communities.  This massive event can feed 14,000 children for a full year. How can you help? Sign up to volunteer (2 1/2 hour shifts throughout the weekend available) Support the cause Spread the word!  Here’s sample language you can share on your own social channels – Join 30,000 local volunteers who are trying to kick hunger to the curb!  Join us May 13-15 at #2016foodfight Share this post on your own channels –
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MomTastic Find: Washington Nationals Discount Code

Momtini - Washington Nationals Discount 2016-17

Thanks to our friends at The Washington Nationals for this MomTastic discount code.  Go to, select game, and enter MOMTINI for special discounts at any games!  Go Nats!

MomTastic Find: The Perfect Portion Cookbook

A revolutionary cookbook using the 100 calorie counting system.

        Who doesn’t love comfort food?  And imagine a collection of yummy, comfort food recipes that show you how to indulge in 100-calorie increments? I recently got a chance to preview a new cookbook that does just that.  The Perfect Portion Cookbook has 150 recipes, each outlined in 100-calorie portions.  Here are some that really caught my eye as looking delicious, interesting, and something that would be helpful to eat in moderation. First, an Enchilada Bake – this looks like a blanket on a cold day, and we’re having lots of those in D.C.:               And a sweet treat, 100-calorie Brownie Bites…yummm!                 Get the kids involved!  Here’s a fun way to show kids the process and encourage them to assist.  The Better Batter French Toast would be a #MomTastic activity and very family-friendly.
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Family Table Time Aims to Rescue the Mealtime Treasure

teamwork - family table time

This week’s #MomtasticFind is a new product that has a simple but really important mission:  to rescue, elevate, and improve the family dinner hour.  After reviewing some of their pieces, I wanted to share a great quote from their piece about teamwork, because I think it’s most relevant to a successful family unit (and getting the dishes done…).  “When we work together, we can accomplish so much more…Teamwork requires good listening skills and cooperation among all members of the group.” Here’s a synopsis from their press release… At a time when electronic and digital passion monopolizes our children’s time and lives, Kimball Companies found a new, easy and fun way for families to connect.  Family Table Time was designed by Neal and Jill Kimball to help engage families with very meaningful conversations while creating unforgettable memories.  It promotes positive behaviors in parents and children to cook, eat, talk, connect, engage, read,
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You Are Musical Launches New Website

You Are Musical Launches New Website

      This week’s MomTastic Find is a personal favorite and (full disclosure) client of ours.  You Are Musical just launched a very exciting production..its new website.  The company specializes in early childhood music education (with options for adults too), with programs in schools, homes, the community, and more.  Along the production route, I learned some fascinating stats about kids and music that I wanted to share here at The Lounge. Did you know…the piano was invented in 1700 in Florence, Italy.  That, along with the fact that 3 million guitars were sold in the U.S. last year, makes for some good dinner table trivia. Time Magazine reports that music can change your brain.  The magazine published, “Children who not only regularly attended music classes, but also actively participated in the class, showed larger improvements in how the brain processes speech and reading scores than their less-involved peers.” A
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